Samtel Avionics Ltd. (SA) is a key Indian player in high-technology rugged military systems and products, straddling the entire value chain for their design, development, manufacture, testing, qualification, repair & maintenance, as well as obsolescence management. Samtel offers the complete range of state of the art systems for high end applications such as airborne electro-optic systems, and various packages for complete upgrade of armoured vehicles including day and night sights, Fire Control Systems, Airborne Computer components and Displays.

SA is a part of the SAMTEL GROUP -- an approx. five-decade old Group with a presence in various domains including Defence & Avionics, Real Estate and Education. Samtel has a well-established history spread across almost five decades, manufacturing a wide range of equipment and systems. Historically, Samtel has been a worldwide leader and the largest manufacturer of Television picture tubes, dominating 70% of Indian market. In the last decade, Samtel has been active in military applications - a leader in avionics displays and systems, domestically and internationally. Visit

Foray in avionics

Samtel Group's foray in avionics began in 2001, when Samtel took over a plant of Thales France in Germany to form Samtel Electron Devices GmbH at Ulm, Germany.

In 2004, Samtel signed the contract with Indian government's Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) for indigenisation of critical technology for Indian fighter programs. With support of DRDO, Samtel has indigenously developed the technology to ruggedize Bare AMLCD (Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display) panel to withstand harsh avionics environment meanwhile maintaining high level of optical and functional performance of these displays during the operation. These indigenous displays have been certified by Indian airworthiness agencies, viz. CEMILAC (Center for Military Airworthiness & Certification) and DGAQA (Directorate General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance). After 5-6 years of arduous efforts, Samtel was able to fully develop the technology and it is successfully flying today.

Some of the products designed and developed by Samtel, which have achieved qualification are:

Multifunction Display (MFD55)

Multifunction Display (MFD66)

Multifunction Display (MFD8"x6")

Ruggedised Display (RSD190)

19" Panel PC

Large Area Display (17.3" DHA)

Multifunction Indicator (3ATI Config 1)

Multifunction Indicator (3ATI Config 2)

Integrated Standby Instrument System (3ATI ISIS)

Today, Samtel has revolutionized the Indian Avionics & Defence industry through its indigenization efforts and by creating a success road map in the international domain.