Product Realization Through In-house Design

Technology Development

System Conceptualization

Module Design and Development

System Integration

Functional and Qualification Testing

Product Certification

Test System Design, Manufacturing & Certification

Design, Implementation and Approval of Production Lines for different types of products

Successful Transfer Of Technology From Design To Production for Mass Manufacturing Of Military Systems

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Design Competencies


High Speed Processor Boards

FPGA Boards: Video Decoding and Video Format Conversion, Graphics Generation, Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing

Proximity Electronics for Imagers

Communication protocols: MIL1553B, ARINC429, FC-AE-ASM, Gigabit Ethernet, USB, CANBus

Video Interfaces: STANAG3350, RS343A, DVI, ARINC818

Power Supply design in accordance with MIL STD 704

Analog Electronics for Interfacing, Surge Protection, Isolation, Signal Processing (Filtering, Amplification)


Real Time Operating Systems - Integrity and Vx Works

BSP, Device Driver and OGL Driver Development for in-house developed boards

Embedded Application development


COTS AMLCD Ruggedisation for airborne and ground displays upto 24.0”

NVG compliant displays as per MIL STD 3009

LED based Backlights upto dimming ratio of 3000:1

Touchscreen Capabilities

5 wire Resistive Touch Screens

Multi Point Touch (5/10 point) PCAP Touch Screens

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Touch Screens


On-axis and off-axis optical systems using aspherics and toroidal surfaces

Visual Band Imager

Multilayer, graded beam combiner


Thermal analysis including Fanless design capability

Structural analysis capabilities

CG Analysis & Weight Budgeting Analysis

IP 65 and IP 67 capability


Qualification in accordance with MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461, DO 160

Methodologies of Software and Hardware Development : DO178B and DO254

Design and Manufacture of Optical and Electrical Test Systems for qualification, manufacturing and field support

Manufacturing Competencies

Methods Engineering Group for facilitating transfer of product from design to manufacturing

Demonstrated NPI process

Reception of Manufacturing Data File

Development of facilities and requisite skill sets in a time bound manner

Creation of Work instructions and SOPs

FAI and PRR processes establisheds

Employees' training and certification on ongoing basis including IPC levels

Assembly workmanship as per IPC-A-610, Class 2

Lean manufacturing - cycle time reductions, wastage reductions, etc


Defect Investigation capabilities

On time deliveries with stringent definitions for OTD

Repair services with fast Turn Around Time (TAT)