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Electronic Unit

  • Electronic Unit Assembly for Turrets that are used in helicopters as well as land applications
  • EU assembly used for Surveillance & Targeting Systems (EO/IR)
  • Assembly Integration & Testing of complex electronic EU assemblies used for Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance Systems (ISR)

Airborne High Wattage Power Supply

  • 1.4 kW Power Supply with above 85% efficiency

Airborne Dual Band Dome

  • Material Selection meeting criteria of Aerodynamics, Thermal Shock, Hardness, Optical Transmission, Absorption/Emission, EMI, Manufacturability

Airborne Visible Band Camera

  • Optical Layout
  • Lens material selection
  • Tolerancing under specified environmental conditions

Land based Optoelectronic surveillance systems

  • (Stationary, deployable and mobile surveillance systems, SW user applications, control units), suitable for protection of state borders, airports, important areas.


  • Driver sights for Armoured Vehicles - Day / Night
  • Gunner sights for Armoured Vehicles- Day / Night, Integrated with FCS/Standalone
  • Commander Sights – Day / Night
  • Panoramic sights – Day camera, Night camera and LRF inbuilt