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Training and Development

Samtel considers its human resources as the most vital asset of the organization. It believes that each individual has an unlimited potential for growth and development, and that systematic learning enhances his contribution to the organization. Samtel thus emphasizes systematic training and development of its employees to enhance individual and organizational capabilities, reinforce the core values and thereby provide a competitive advantage to the organization.

The Corporate Training Group at Samtel is committed to creating year-round programs for the professional and personal development of each employee. Regular training programs for operators, supervisors, GETs (Graduate Engineer Trainees), as well as Management Workshops for executives in middle and senior management roles are a regular phenomenon at Samtel.

The Organization Development initiative at Samtel aims at creating an environment where employees themselves initiate a process of self-development and transformation and thus experience a continuous process of personal development, through training, to reflect critically on their own attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is critical to the people agenda of the Company. Our HR team at SA regularly organizes internal contests, festival celebrations, birthday celebrations, social activities, sports and cultural events, which not only help in breaking the monotony of a daily routine, but also contribute towards an environment that encourages teamwork and creativity.