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Color Avionics Tubes (CAT)

Color Avionics Tube (CAT) for commercial platforms

  • Being supplied to Honeywell for integration on general aviation aircraft in the US.
  • Designed specially for civil airborne requirements
  • High resolution shadow mask CRT
  • Employing black matrix and high brightness phosphors
  • High performance inline uni-potential and bi-potential electron guns
  • Electrostatically Focused and Magnetic Beam deflection
  • Available in sizes 3" diagonal onwards
  • Good resolution up to 0.4mm half brightness line width
  • Enhanced Contrast with optical filters
  • Vibration and shock up to 0. 02 g2 / Hz random, in each axis
  • Operating Temperature Range : -40 to +85 deg.C
  • Humidity resistance up to 95%
  • Altitude range up to 12,000 meters
  • EMI compliant as per specifications