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A motivated workforce is an essential ingredient on the road to success. And Samtel's workforce is a prime example of this fact. Through our Core Values of TRUST, TRANSPARENCY, RESPECT, CARING, AUTONOMY and RISK TAKING, we have been able to build a culture that prides itself in providing you with a work environment that allows you to fulfill your potential and reach out for more.

Open Work Culture:

Samtel believes in developing people through work. By promoting an open work culture, it ensures flexibility within ranks to accommodate innovative thinking, which facilitates growth, and creates a culture of achievement.

People Development:

Since our inception, the focus of our efforts in the area of development of people has been all about creating an atmosphere at Samtel where people can enjoy working and experience a sense of significance by performing roles close to their capabilities.

Value based organization:

The HR story of Samtel is about creating a value based and achieving organization through a systematic and sustained process of organization development. The work done in the field of HR at Samtel reflects the creation of a democratic setup at the work place. Overall, the focus has been on creation of an enabling culture where people are empowered at every level and contribute individually and collectively to deliver quality and value to the company's stakeholders.

SAMTEL Believes:

  • Employees are prime movers and they drive resources for effective use.
  • Individuals have capacity to excel and the synergetic effect of such efforts ultimately leads to excellence.
  • Desire to excel depends primarily on individual initiatives and the environment should facilitate such initiatives.
  • Autonomy to employees leads to motivation to use their creative abilities to improve their own as well as organizational efficiency.
  • Quality, Productivity, Efficiency and Innovation are keys to excellence and efforts should be made by all to continuously improve this through involvement of people.